Soylent is made of …… I’m not sure, exactly

I’ve been following the development of Soylent since long before it was made commercially available with the intention of giving it a try as soon as it was released in Canada. I received a notification from Rosa Labs (The company that makes Soylent) a little over a week ago that Soylent was now available north of the border and I immediately ordered two cases. A bit of a gamble, sure, but I have been super interested in it.

It arrived a couple days ago so I had two meals of it yesterday and two today (The packets make four servings at once, although you can make individual servings if you want – it comes with a measuring cup) and here’s my thoughts:

– The flavour is not disgusting, but it’s not pleasant either. It reminds me of raw dough.
– Preparation is super easy. Five minutes to make four meals worth.
– I have had zero adjustment downsides that they warn of (Stuff like bloating or headaches as your body adjusts).
– I do not feel hungry four [i]hours[/i] after eating it. In fact, I haven’t had hunger pangs since I started yesterday morning. I just simply eat a meal at the time I normally do. If this stays consistent, this is huge.

One serving works out to pretty much a full pint glass. It’s perfect because breakfast and lunch are always meals I’m in a rush to get through so I can go to work or get in some quick gaming or reading before I go back to work and if it’s already in the fridge you spend 5 seconds shaking the pitcher, pour a glass, chug it down and bam. You just had 500 calories and one quarter of your daily recommended intake of basically everything.

We’ll see how it goes long term – if I go 100% Soylent (Not including eating out at the pub and stuff), or part of my daily food regimen, or if I drop it altogether, I don’t know yet. But I’m pretty impressed with the product so far.

Exploration of the universe!

I’m a bit of an astronomy geek. Not enough to really be on the level of the true enthusiast, the kind of person who has their own telescope and gets out there to watch comets or see the planets, but I love reading about anything that has to do with space and the exploration thereof. Gravity is especially fascinating to me and it’s a topic I would talk about all day if I could.

Which means that Kerbal Space Program pushes all the right buttons. I consider it a contender for the greatest game of all time, and I stand by that claim. I recently tried the mod Fine Print, which is a mod that I think the developer is going to include as an official feature in a later update (Although don’t quote me on that, obviously I have no affiliation with SQUAD), and it does some neat stuff.

I just did a satellite delivery mission that required a specific orbit with a defined apoapsis, periapsis and inclination. Easy enough, but I imagine that future missions of this sort will have some pretty crazy requirements.

Oh! And I also tried out Procedural Fairings. And I noticed that Kerbal Engineer has HUD elements that include the current apoapsis, periapsis, time to both and terrain altitude, which is brilliant. All this stuff should be included in the base game. I mean, SQUAD has been doing an amazing job on this thus far, and their announced plans for what’s to come makes me confident that I’ll continue playing KSP for a very long time, but the modding community has been stellar.

Which is an appropriate adjective, I think, for KSP. Stellar in every way.

Why is it so hard to choose new parts for a PC?

With all the power outages Yellowknife has been experiencing, by PC has been acting a little strangely. It’s over three years old now, so I guess an upgrade is not unwarranted, but there really isn’t much to processor upgrades. I’m running an i7-2600K right now and there’s isn’t really any significant performance upgrades on the market. I’m thinking of getting an i5-4690K or an i7-4790K. There’s a $120 difference between the two. The benefit to the i7 is hyper threading and a larger cache. They’re both overclockable if I want to go that route.

The clock speed difference is 500 mhz, which is 20% increase for the i7, but according to Tom’s Hardware, it isn’t all that noticeable in gaming. I think I’ll go with the i7, though, just because Kerbal is pretty much my favourite game and it is incredibly CPU dependant.

I’ll be getting a new video card as well, hoping that the new 900 series cards come out on time. They should be out in a few days according to their official release date, and I won’t be ordering any parts until October. Of course, only two cards are coming out initially and if the cheaper one is over $500, I think that’s a big nope right there.

Anyway, in the meantime I’ve been playing Diablo 3 again. Playing a seasonal Crusader and got to 70 the other day. No one on my friends list plays anymore! I’m all alone in there! Saving the world all by my lonesome.

Ah well, somebody’s gotta do it.

Second draft of my novel is entering beta!

I have put out the first half of my novel’s second draft to some initial beta readers and I’ve been getting a metric buttload of feedback. Some of the things that I’ve been worried were problems really are problems after all, and some of the things I was terrified weren’t going to work are totally working, so it looks like things are progressing as they should! I’m hoping to have the second draft totally completed very soon, which will have the third draft right on its heels.

Unfortunately I still do not have a title for my book, but I’m hoping that is something that emerges from this whole process.

Good old first drafts

I’m going to consider my first attempt at this blogging site a first draft because I didn’t like it almost right away. It will return in another form!

Edit: Holy shit, there were hundreds of spam accounts! Well, wasn’t this a learning experience.